International Video Challenge™ app will be released soon. Free to Enter and have a chance to win $500!


on this app, you can upload pictures on your profile, you can post multiple videos, you can msg other profile friends directly, & you can also comment & vote on videos that others have uploaded. The same applies to your profile. after all votes are in, the winner will be selected.

Have you done the ice bucket challenge? Have you done the Kiki challenge? On this app, you can enter a challenge video that you created, or one that is already created. Or if you have a specific talent, make a video and show us what you got. This can be anything from singing, dancing, sports, Martial arts, or any challenge, etc. Until the app is released you can email your videos to cash prizes will be available once app is released. Check out some of our videos that have been submitted too us on our social media links above. ⬆️ (Instagram) (Facebook) (Twitter)


Their challenge is #dancing

Are you a dancer? Do you dance by yourself, or with a partner, or with a group? Do you play an instrument? Are you in a band? These are only some ideas of the unlimited challenges out there, for a chance to win $500. All entries are free! This social media app will be fun and competitive.


His challenge is a #dunk contest

Do you love sports? Create a sports video with your special talents. Upload your video and show us what you got!! You have nothing to lose. This is a fun and free app where you and your friends can have a great time.